Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ladybird Baby Blanket

I'm taking my baby blankets one (well about 5) steps further so they are that extra extra special. And I am loving the first one :) Will be listed in my shop soon. Next .... boys blue combat blanket to be adorned with wales and fishies!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dinosaur hat and other animals

Been mad busy getting ready for the release of UKHandmade. I'm tutorials submission person so I've been getting the ball rolling and making my own tutorial for a Dinosaur hat scarf. It was great fun to make but hard work to write it all down, create patterns and take photos. Got another photo of Brynn in the chicken hat too!

So I now need to look for more tutorials for both the 1st edition and the Christmas supplement. :) If you have one you would like to submit then email me at submissions@ukhandmade.co.uk

Content needed:

  • Photos of finished product and some during the making of.

  • Photographs of specific points during the tutorial if a photo is the best thing to show a process.

  • Written instructions.- Drawn diagrams/instructions if need be.

  • A little bio about you (50 words max) and your name.

  • Links to your web site

All tutorials should be the authors own original design and work.

Credit will be given for all tutorials.