Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Things to do with Tomatillo's

Just picked Tomatillo's

Roasted before being turned into Salsa

Chicken & Tomatillo Soup ... yummy. Has a lovely lemony taste.

The beginnings of Tomatillo Chutney

Salse when done... we made a double ammount to freeze some and
we used our home grown Jalepeno & Cayenne peppers for some fire.

So now we have about 40 jars of things to give away for Christmas :) ... unless I can sell some. But I am sure you have to have some kind of licence for that. Anyway.. it i nice to have some things stored away to use during the winter. Now we have to harvest all of the over grown beans and rather than eat the whole runner bean I think we will take the beans out and make stew. I have a load of dried beans anyway. I wonder if the sunflowers have any seeds?
The carrot crop was very poor as most of it had carrot fly so we won't be doing that again next year. But we will be doing leeks I think and loads of tomatillo's. No tomato's either as the beefsteak ones were a weird shape and the other kind havn't rippenned yet. And I really don't want to make more chutney! We don't eat that much cheese!!!

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