Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The garden 2

Just a few photo's of our back garden's fruiition. It's the first time we have had our own (rented) garden to play with and it has been great fun and very rewarding. Next year though I won't plant so many corgettes and squash or carrots and will plant more:

  • Broad beans
  • Runner beans
  • Jerusalem Artichockes
  • Alpine Strawberries
  • Tomatillos (are in grow bags this year and are almost as tall as me)
I have no idea what we are going to do with all of the chilli's we have growing. We have about 14 different varieties and 18 plants!!!

The garden

Jam & Jelly

Decided it was about time I added some things. So... last week I made Apricot & Almond Jam, Apple & Mint Jelly and Bramble Jam. Yummy. The husband doesn't 'get' mint jelly so I get to keep it all for myself. YAY. Made from my own garden mint :) Now.. time to hunt down photographs of the garden. Was woken up at 3am by my wonderful daughter who decided she coulnd't sleep and she spent the next 3 hours stopping me from sleeping. So at 5am I gave in and got up. Decaf coffee just isn't doing it this morning. Little minx.