Monday, November 19, 2007

Been so very very busy

Been working on (with Kala) my new web shop as my current one isn't so easy to buy from. And working towards craft fairs, getting my childrens gifts into Fern Avenue , making more blankets and bibs and taggies, doing Christmas fairy commissions (or waiting for them to come in) , setting up my new Print shop at Dawanda sorting out flower prints to go in my print shop, secret santa to make, Christmas cards to make.. the list is never ending!! But it is good to be busy! Meanwhile .. here are some lovely flowers to brighten this cold dark day.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Been busy

Elephant made last night (was up will 11.30pm) and rabbit made this morning (up at thanks Brynn!!). Leah made the body of the bunny but decided she had had enough of it and gave it to me to finish and this morning I saw what he was going to be. I stuffed him, added a rattle, added feet, paws, eyes, nose, whiskers and belly. He is very cute!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sea Glass Beaded Pendant :)

Went and collected a load of sea glass a few weeks ago. Sent some to Kala and decided to make something to add to the Etsy shop. And here it is. It is very pretty I think.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New hats :)

We had my husband's parents to stay over from the US a few weeks ago and she bought me some hats to sell under the banner of Giggleicious :) Her style is a little different to mine .. they are so fuzzy and fun :) and come with thier own scarves. I'll be adding them to Up with the Lark asap. There are some scarves on thier own as well.

On another note I had a comission to make 2 baby Beanies and 2 sets of booties :) Here they are. They are very sweet. So I will be adding beanies and booties as comissions to Up with the lark too.

Things to do with Tomatillo's

Just picked Tomatillo's

Roasted before being turned into Salsa

Chicken & Tomatillo Soup ... yummy. Has a lovely lemony taste.

The beginnings of Tomatillo Chutney

Salse when done... we made a double ammount to freeze some and
we used our home grown Jalepeno & Cayenne peppers for some fire.

So now we have about 40 jars of things to give away for Christmas :) ... unless I can sell some. But I am sure you have to have some kind of licence for that. Anyway.. it i nice to have some things stored away to use during the winter. Now we have to harvest all of the over grown beans and rather than eat the whole runner bean I think we will take the beans out and make stew. I have a load of dried beans anyway. I wonder if the sunflowers have any seeds?
The carrot crop was very poor as most of it had carrot fly so we won't be doing that again next year. But we will be doing leeks I think and loads of tomatillo's. No tomato's either as the beefsteak ones were a weird shape and the other kind havn't rippenned yet. And I really don't want to make more chutney! We don't eat that much cheese!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The garden 2

Just a few photo's of our back garden's fruiition. It's the first time we have had our own (rented) garden to play with and it has been great fun and very rewarding. Next year though I won't plant so many corgettes and squash or carrots and will plant more:

  • Broad beans
  • Runner beans
  • Jerusalem Artichockes
  • Alpine Strawberries
  • Tomatillos (are in grow bags this year and are almost as tall as me)
I have no idea what we are going to do with all of the chilli's we have growing. We have about 14 different varieties and 18 plants!!!

The garden

Jam & Jelly

Decided it was about time I added some things. So... last week I made Apricot & Almond Jam, Apple & Mint Jelly and Bramble Jam. Yummy. The husband doesn't 'get' mint jelly so I get to keep it all for myself. YAY. Made from my own garden mint :) Now.. time to hunt down photographs of the garden. Was woken up at 3am by my wonderful daughter who decided she coulnd't sleep and she spent the next 3 hours stopping me from sleeping. So at 5am I gave in and got up. Decaf coffee just isn't doing it this morning. Little minx.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Well... about time time I started again

So I used to have a blog but I deleted it in a fit of paranoia. Long story.
Anyway.. time to start it again. I think I'll add a funky photo of my gorgeous daughter, Brynn, to start.
I have had a Tori Amos day.... Some of you might know what one of those is and some won't.. but hey. That's the day I have had. Infact that's the kind of week I have had. Might even dig the incense out tomorrow. Again... long story. But the beginning of a new blog anyway.